Electric Vehicle Charging Point Supplier Bedfordshire

We are cover all over the Bedfordshire cities and the surrounding areas. We are accredited by OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) and deal with manufacturers like EO , Rolec and Zappi brand. All the charges, we supply are reliable, high quality, competitive in price rate and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can check the OLEV database of accredited installers; you will find we are the authorized one in their list.  Our professionally trained team installs the charge point properly in your location.

Zappi charger

Chiltern EV Chargepoints, a leading installer & supplier of domestic electric vehicle chargers across the Bedfordshire.  As you know the majority of the charging of your vehicle will likely be at home it is important that you choose an installer like us who have very good experience and knowledge to perform a safe and efficient installation.

The electric car charger installation takes just a few hours to install the product in your location. Before installation, we will visit your location to survey and make sure it suitable for charge point installation. So, that it run nice and efficiently.

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