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As we move into the new age of Electric Vehicles, with faster charging initiatives and increased range available, Electric Vehicles are becoming the smart choice. If you have bought an Electric Vehicle a home charge point is the key solution to convenient, uninterrupted charging.

Chiltern EV Chargepoints are accredited to install EV home charge points under the OLEV (Office for low emissions) grant scheme, saving you £350.00 on the cost of a home charge point installation. Check your eligibility here

Office for low emissions

We offer a wide range of chargers with the latest technology from  EORolec and  Zappi

               eo ev charger                                                   rolce charger                                                    Zappi charger

                EO Mini Pro                                                    Rolec Homesmart                                                    Zappi 2                       

 If you already have Solar PV panels or are thinking of getting a system installed in the future, the Zappi EV charge point may be the charger of choice for you. The Zappi EV charge point can be set up to charge your electric car with the surplus electricity produced by your panels, i.e. instead of sending the surplus electricity not used back to the grid it will divert it directly to your car, maximizing the consumption of your solar PV generation.

For more information on the benefits of solar please get in touch with our sister company, Chiltern Solar

Why Choose Chiltern EV Chargepoints?

  • Benefit from your free consultation with our in house chargepoint experts
  • Choice of charge point brand to suit your needs
  • Simple and quick online survey
  • Installation by one of our specialist, accredited electricians
  • OLEV approved Tick Mark
  • 3 year installation warranty