Electric Vehicle Charging Point Supplier Watford

We supply and install electric vehicle charging for both homes and commercial uses. As per OLEV grant schemes available, you can save up to £350 for installation of home chargers, and £10,000 for installation of workplace chargers. For Watford citizens, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take the advantages of this scheme and install EV charging points in their home or business locations.

EV Charging Points

We are the authorized dealer who installs EV chargers and charging points for house and business premises.

If you are planning to install EV chargers at your home or office premises we can help you here by conducting surveys to establish requirements and to advise on car charger options and measure your available power supply capacity. For a location survey, please call us today or fill in the Free Estimate box at the top of the page.

We are offering you a wide range of chargers with the latest technology from EO, Rolec and Zappi brands.

We have installed EV charges in different locations in Watford and near by areas, we are using the road A41 to start from our headquarters to various sections of the Watford town in just 30 minutes. For this reason we can easily visit and survey your place for installation.